Italian for foreigners course in Bologna

Durata corso: 30 ore
Prezzo: € 400.00

Italian for foreigners course in Bologna

Italian for foreigners course in Bologna, Level A2 beginners, you will have the opportunity to study Italian in a very simple way and also to enjoy yourself. You will also have the possibility to learn about aspects of the Italian language and about the culture you are interested in. CorsiBO is the most important school and you can find us in the heart of Bologna. We offer all inclusive package that includes: educational material, expert teacher, multimedia classroom and playroom with snack bar area. At the end of the course the student will refine his knowledge learning lexicon and specialized language, till becoming able to speak Italian in every context.

Grammar contents:

  • definite, indefinite and partitive articles,
  • gender correspondance,
  • interrogative adjectives and pronouns,
  • definite adjectives and pronouns,
  • possessive adjectives and pronouns,
  • negative and interrogative phrases,
  • irregolar verbs,
  • present progressive,
  • present perfect and imperfect,
  • simple future,
  • conditional: would,
  • imperative mode,
  • personal pronouns,
  • direct personal pronouns,
  • simple prepositions,
  • adverbs (now, then, here, there,....),
  • conjunctions,
  • colloquial forms .


  • alphabet and numbers,
  • quantity expressions,
  • everyday life,
  • home and furnitures,
  • clothes,
  • family,
  • weather,
  • means of transport,
  • shopping and shops,
  • food,
  • body,
  • sports and spare time.

Durata corso: 30 ore

Durata lezione: 2 ore

Prezzo: € 400.00

Pagamento: 50 € all'iscrizione e il saldo alla prima lezione

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